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Honghu UAV was invited to participate in the 5th Annual Global Chemical Safety Production and Logistics Warehousing Summit
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The 5th Annual Global Chemical Safety Production and Logistics Warehousing Summit was held in Shanghai on March 20th. The summit is a gathering of international organizations, governments, industry and academia, and is committed to the safety and security of petrochemical industry logistics and warehousing. The global event of the solution aims to create the most authoritative interactive platform for international chemical safety and security.

The distinguished guests enthusiastically discussed the difficulties encountered by enterprises in the current environment, such as the storage, transportation safety and cost saving of hazardous chemicals. Professor Zhu Guoqing, Director of the Department of Fire Engineering of China University of Mining and Technology, was invited to participate in and give a special report on the research and development of the fire emergency precision rescue platform for hazardous chemicals storage areas based on GIS three-dimensional technology. Professor Zhu has existed in the fire protection of existing hazardous chemicals storage areas. The problem, the bottleneck of fire rescue under the new situation and the proposed GIS 3D modeling system for fire prevention and physical protection and emergency rescue platform. At the meeting, the leaders gave a high degree of recognition to the 3D GIS fire-fighting emergency rescue decision-making command platform, and said that they will strengthen communication and cooperation after the meeting.

The emergency rescue platform was developed by China University of Mining and Technology in conjunction with Jiangsu Honghu UAV Application Technology Co., Ltd., which realizes the seamless connection between 3D GIS maps and 2D city maps, and provides a 3D display of fire protection key building unit information base. The integration of the geometric dimensions of the building, the surrounding environment of the building, and the fire-fighting equipment around the building enables remote and rapid access to the three-dimensional information of the building and fire-fighting key information. At the same time, the complex emergency rescue platform for complex buildings based on the three-dimensional information platform of the building structure also realizes the rapid integration and three-dimensional display of disaster site disaster information, which can output real-time information of IoT information in disasters. At the same time, the building fire fighting and command module is provided, which achieves the purpose of fire precision operation and effectively improves the actual fire fighting capability of the building.

Jiangsu Honghu UAV Application Technology Co., Ltd. is based on the mature "production, study and research" integration mechanism of the Fire Engineering Research Institute of China University of Mining and Technology, with independent intellectual property rights and core technologies. It can provide integrated solutions for fire detection, emergency rescue and auxiliary decision-making intelligent systems, and make unremitting efforts to promote the safety development of chemical safety production and logistics and warehousing.

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